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Be the kind of leader the world needs now.

By creating positive impact on yourself, your team and your surrounding.

We advocate for conscious leadership action.
And you?

We strongly believe: Leadership is not a position, it is a decision.
The decision to serve yourself, your team and your organisation in a way that creates positive waves for everyone involved. 

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Positive impact on YOUR TEAM

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Conversations

Unsure what exactly to say in feedback talks, performance reviews and development talks? We’ve got you! Skip insecurity today and master key conversations with your people to create trust and results.



The Ikigai Purpose Journey

Curious to discover what really drives you? This is your course if you want to finally have an easy answer to your unique purpose in business (and maybe even in life). In a 6 week guided journey, you’ll use the Ikigai framework to explore what you love, what you’re good at and how to combine both in the real world for your success and satisfaction. Ready?


orientation and action inspiration

The 12 superpowers of positive leadership impact

Knowing your levers for positive impact can help you make the right decisions and take the action needed in busy day to day life. The poster gives you and overview to consider whenever you need a dash of inspiration on what your best positive impact can be on a given day.

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How to get & stay energized, even in tough times

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