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IMPACT – Develop your people & enhance company success

Free up precious time for essential leadership tasks and learn how to surround yourself with highly capable, motivated people! Ten chapters of this book shed light on how Coaching tools can be used to develop your employees’ potential. Real-life stories + hands-on tools that you can start using immediately.  

IMPACT answers questions such as: 

  • What exactly is coaching – and what it is not? 
  • What is the value of Coaching for you as a leader? 
  • When to coach? And when not?  
  • Who is coachable after all? And how can you trigger individual solution-finding processes? 

Success Reloaded - Use the power of authenticity to drive success

What to do when a major career leap is imminent? How to create success on your terms? And what does success even mean in YOUR life?  

Success Reloaded, the most recent publication of top executive coach and leadership expert Masha Ibeschitz, is your book if you want to define and live your very own version of authenticity and success in business and life. 

Journal and discover your authentic self

A beautifully designed journal to take you on a journey of self-discovery.

For you as a leader, seeking to build a connection and have a real relationship with yourself, this journal will guide you with the intention to reveal and develop on your authentic self. Dare to be fully you! This journal will help you discover what exactly that means and how to realize it in your business and private life. 

The author Ceri Samvilian is a certified Life coach and has been journaling for over 20 years. She has combined her skills and knowledge as a coach to create a journal that ensures the writer gets inspired with each journaling session. Each page has a specific purpose and creates a space of reflection and insight to your own life. If you are looking for a welcoming, creative, judgment-free space to share your thoughts and feelings and discover your most authentic self, this is a pretty good place to start.