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Discover what REALLY drives you & unlock success and satisfaction at work (and in life!)


Ikigai is your most effective way to discover your unique purpose AND define the exact action steps to bring joy, a sense of fulfilment and success to your work as a team leader and expert.

A few companies the already benefited from Ikigai:

Cool Number

brand new days ahead.
How are you going to use them?

Joy, meaning & financial success.
Waiting for YOU.

Finding your Ikigai feels like two perfectly designed pieces finally clicking together. Translated from Japanese, the word means “purpose in life”. Which translates to a sense of fulfilment in what you do daily. 

Feeling good while working, if you will. 

While also contributing positively to the world around. For the sake of your, your team’s and your organisation’s best performance AND well-being.

By combining what you love, what you’re good at and a solid reality-check, with the Ikigai Purpose Journey you are going to (re-)explore your passions, talents and values and derive them in a powerful and unique Igikai statement. 

To work intentionally, connected, successfully.




The Journey Experience

Immediate access to the Ikigai intro videos and pre-questionnaire
3 live 1:1 coaching sessions with certified Igikai Coach Ines Drechsler (value €720)
Access to the virtual Igikai question deck (value €50)
Full course access for 1 year (value €100)

Total value € 870

Start 2024 more connected than ever before!

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"There are a lot of myths around purpose. Everyone is talking about it yet the concepts stay vague. With the Ikigai framework, there comes relief and the stunning realisation: Exploring your purpose can not only be eye-opening but also very pragmatic and fun ! "
Ines Drechsler, Ikigai certified Coach

Your Igikai Coach

Dr. Ines Drechsler

Ines, a seasoned leadership coach, holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from WU Wien and a Doctorate in Economics from the University of St. Gallen. With Harvard Business School’s Post Graduate Program, she specializes in Leading Small and Medium-Sized Businesses. Her coaching combines diverse methodologies, including Systemic Organizational Consulting and Hogan Assessments.

Focused on individuals’ growth, Ines guides leaders through transitions, clarifies goals, and enhances personal development. Her approach emphasizes self-discovery, steering clients toward transformation by uncovering obstacles and fostering change. Her holistic view, blending business expertise and systemic insight, caters to entrepreneurs, executives, and employees, nurturing clear visions for professional advancement.

Ines is an Ikigai certified Coach and proud ambassador of the method that brought so much clarity & success to her own work. Now she’s sharing it with you.

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