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The Decision-Making Toolbox

Learn to Approach daily decisions with confidence & ease

Inside The Decision-Making Toolbox you learn the tools and techniques hundreds of leaders successfully used before to transform decision owerwhelm and insecurity into clarity and confidence.

A few companies we at Impactivation x Think Beyond were honored to work with: 

The decisions we make today shape what we experience tomorrow.
Not a bad skill to invest in, don't you think?

Your team needs your decision strenghts.

And your organisation does too. 

Unclarity, insecurity and wasted resources are what drags teams and organisations down today. With clear and aligned decisions-making, you avoid paralysis and lay the path to healthy productivity and actions that move you, your team and your organisation in just the right direction.

The best news is: Taking decisions with clarity, confidence and ease is like a muscle you can train.

And right here, at your fingertips, are the top tools and strategies for strong decision-making skills you can rely on in any situation. Tried and refined while working with thousands of leaders in more than 20 years. 




By the end of this course, you will...


Use psychology to your advantage

by detecting your inner scripts and creating new decision-making stories that serve you even better


Know how to charge your decision-making battery

to change fear and hustle for clarity and energy


Have 11 real-life hacks for satisfying decisions

you can consider whenever you feel stuck with a decision


Have a 10-step-model for value-based decisions

that are in line with your & your company’s mission, vision, values as well as leadership principles


Know 4 techniques to make decisions light & easy

by connecting with your intuition and using playful and creative decision-making techniques

Your course package

immediate access to the course so you can start today
4 modules with short, condensed lessons to value your precious time & energy 
description & application material for the tools and techniques inside
✓ insights of 4 top leadership experts with 25+ years of experience on a global scale
full course access for 1 year
certificate of completion after going through each module to support your CV and career development
✓ PDF workbook to start applying immediately

The Decision-Making Toolbox

Upgrade your decision-making skills today & invite more success and satisfaction into your team.

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