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Just the input your managers & leaders need right now.

People in organizations require and seek efficient support

Due to the rapidly changing conditions within and outside an organization, employees are under high performance, result and time pressure. They must constantly adapt to keep up. In addition, especially young talents are asking for purpose. They seek the most meaningful use of their scarce time and attention. And consequently, demand effective support from HR.

So, your people are keen to learn how to master their daily requirements quickly, effectively and seamlessly. What do you do to support them?

Leadership e-learning courses & learning videos

Our course guarantee


No fluff

We don’t waste the tiniest bit of your leaders’ valuable time. Course videos are highly condensed know-how in 3-7 minutes each.


Designed for transfer

The only purpose of each video is to make a difference for your people on the job. Know-how and tools are packed into easily actionable items.


Workbook supported

Courses come with worksheets, checklists and a summary of the learned content to have it ready for application. Need the PDFs in your brand? Got you!


Drawn from real life

We work with leaders for more than 20 years now. 150+ videos cover the most frequent leadership struggles plus hot topics of our time.


Fun & entertaining

Humor and stories make learning easier. Our experienced leadership experts & video engineers know exactly how to teach to make learning memorable.

Need a taste?

What’s a topic your people struggle with right now? Drop us a message and we’re happy to share a demo of the most suitable resources for you to experience. 

E-learning is fantastic to develop your people but not the holy grail either, right?

Make leadership development work sustainably NOW!

Impactivation x Think Beyond

Whitepaper: The Dynamic Loop Method

5 phase-method to combine immediate learning value, short-term business goals & long-term people development goals

The 5 steps you need – ALWAYS!

We show you the exact steps to go from a vague sense of “We need to do something here” to measurable results, generated from a highly relevant leadership development program that works for your business goals.

All the tools you need

We’ve tested tons of different tools and approaches to make learning and development work. In the whitepaper, we share the most valuable and practical ones.

Ready-to-apply checklist

Find out where you are right now: Is your company set for highly effective leadership development measures? Which Dynamic Loop elements are you already implementing? And what else is needed?

Detailed case study

Theory is never enough, we get it! So we included a detailed case study with program design, transfer measures and evaluation and adaption measures to REALLY generate the success everyone desired.