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IMPACT - Coaching Tools for Leaders

What if you could be surrounded by high-performing, motivated people without making ANY staff changes to your current team?

From endless steering to high-performance teamwork

Do you know the situation: You finally want to sit down to tackle that strategy or advance that highly important project and before you even dig fully into it, you hear a knock at the door or a shy “Can I ask you something” from the side! It’s your team, taking care is your job, but at the same time: Haven’t you talked about that several times already? And shouldn’t they be able to do that ON THEIR OWN for a while now?

It’s frustrating, right? And eating up precious time you really needed for other tasks.

But here comes the truth: While most managers and leaders know this situation VERY well, only a few know what to do about it.

Entrance: Coaching skills for leaders! Coaching is THE tool when it comes to helping your team members grow from cautious beginners to self-reliant top-performers. When it comes to advancing them from endless questions, self-doubt and lack of productivity to the confident, professional support you need to reach your goals.

The best news: You don’t need to complete a time-consuming coaching education to make it happen. IMPACT – Coaching Tools for Leaders is all you need to start coaching leadership today!

IMPACT – Coaching tools for leaders

By the end of this course, you will...


A clear compass of who to coach in which situation

to help your people perform with excellence and joy


Coaching situations and when NOT to coach

to give your people what they need in any situation


The best-of coaching toolbox

of leadership expert and globally recognized Coaching-Pro Masha Ibeschitz – ready to use in your daily coaching situations


How to set the perfect coaching framework

to support connection, growth and problem-solving


PCM: Process Communication Model

the communication and personality analysis also NASA used to dive deep into individual personality, stress patterns and how to navigate around it for better performance


The three-step-technique for cases of doubt

to make your new coaching skills as versatile as you need them

IMPACT is your course if...

… the stakes are high and the pressure for results a daily experience for you

… you need highly capable people you can fully trust (even under severe pressure!)

… you’re fascinated by effective communication and how to make it work for you to collaborate even better with your team

… you want to grow your impact beyond your current role or position

… you want to meet new generations’ expectations by using a human-oriented

This is what you get

– 20 videos with condensed know-how and easyly applicable tools

– At your side: Masha Ibeschitz, founder and chairperson of Think Beyond and Impactivation, globally active coach and board counselor with 20+ years of experience

– Easy applicable and proven coaching tools to start using today

– Full course access for 1 year

– Additional workbook to start applying immediately

Make coaching skills your superpower

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