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Multiply your impact and team results with inspirational leadership


From “meh” to magic – Use inspiration to increase motivation and results of your team

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Since school, the traditional success mantra is deeply prescribed within us: If we do right, if we behave good, we get praise. Good grades. More salary. A bonus. A promotion.

For most of us, this is the default setting when it comes to performance.

But what you and we know: What had kind of worked in the industry age is by no means a suitable leadership style for today.

People, and especially younger generations, crave a leadership style that gives them far more than reward. They seek connection, contribution to a greater good and meaning in what they do.

And what they need from you is: inspirational leadership.

To help you make inspiration part of your practice, we have a simple 6-step model for you in this class.


By the end of this course, you will...


Know how to lead with vision

by using communication and connection as your core tools


Have a clear idea of yourself as a role model

leading by conscious behavior that you also want to see in your people  


Understand what it takes to be a situational leadership

who knows their people and how to help them grow beyond what they expect to be possible  


Have dived into conflict confidence as a team

and what it takes to seize conflict as the healthy motor on the way to jointly reached goals  


Know how to really empower growth

by knowing and satisfying higher-level needs of your people


Be ready to practice authenticity

by bringing YOUR unique qualities, style and spark to life in your role as an inspirational leader  

Inspirational leadership is your course if...

… you want to motivate your people to contribute with joy and excellence

… you want to match your leadership style with new generations’ expectations

… you’re keen to realize practice aside of the praise and punishment narrative

… you want to positively contribute to the world we live in

… you want to realize your most powerful, authentic version

… you want to learn and grow as a people leader

This is what you get

– 7 videos with condensed know-how and actionable tools

– Globally experienced leadership expert Gia Helena at your side, who helped leaders of brands like adidas to tap into their most powerful and inspiring leadership selves

– Full course access for 1 year

– Additional workbook to start applying immediately

Make inspirational leadership your superpower

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