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Virtual Collaboration 101

How to create results and a positive culture by virtual teamwork

Make virtual collaboration work for you, once and for all!

Ever rolled your eyes when another Zoom call, teams meeting or virtual exchange was due? We don’t judge, really! Especially as virtual collaboration is an art itself and there are not many leaders out there who are rocking it!

At the same time, remote work is on the rise and more and more employees ask for flexibility in time and workplace choice. This in turn means that virtual collaboration passed COVID-crisis mode is a new constant we as leaders must deal with.

The good news is: You often only need a few tricks and tweaks added to your current practice to get the atmosphere in your team – and yourself – from “Oh my god, another meeting!” to “Sure, let’s connect and get to work virtually!”. Quick progress, crystal clarity, high levels of energy and satisfying results are waiting for those who master successful virtual collaboration these days.

Ready to claim it for your leadership practice too?


By the end of this course, you will...


work with conscious expectation management

to boost your and your team’s virtual collaboration experience by using super simple and highly effective tools


run great online meetings

by using our 7 proven key ingredients


know what effective online communication is made Of

and how to use that day by day


bring fun, energy and human connection into virtual collaboration

for even better results!


charge your inner battery

to rock the virtual game as your most successful version of self!

No, not another software, promised! really!

Don’t worry, we won’t talk about choosing the next collaboration software, documents app or team meeting program. Who wants to roll out a new software, right?! What you will learn in this highly condensed course is how to actually PRACTICE effective virtual collaboration as a team leader or function head. And how to make virtual teamwork play into the results you wish to achieve.

Virtual Collaboration 101 is your course if...

… you hate wasting time with ineffective online meetings

… you regularly need to reach goals together with team members who sit anywhere from the next café to an office floor in Shanghai City

… the VUCA world fully kicks into your virtual teamwork life with high result pressure and high levels of stress and insecurity among your people and you want to bring lightness, fun and collaboration joy back in

… you care for a good team culture and connection, no matter what the distance

… you take your responsibility as a leader seriously and want to strive in every aspect of modern worklife

…. you finally want to turn virtual collaboration from a necessity to a real driver of team success

This is what you get

– 7 videos with condensed know-how and easy applicable tools

– 6 globally experienced leadership experts at your side who help leaders to navigate the online world with effectiveness and joy

– Full course access for 1 year

– Additional workbook to start applying immediately

Make virtual collaboration your superpower

for as little as

€ 69

incl. 20% VAT – Your local taxes apply upon checkout