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Are you looking for additional impact boosters? We got you covered! We developed these free resources for you to get even more leadership advice – and boost your impact!


Are you new to leadership and wondering how to master leadership-specific conversations? For new leaders we developed “The ultimate guide to employee talks” that guides you through 7 different employee talks.



In moments of change during our lives it is especially hard to organize our thoughts – but especially valuable. Our “Transition Reflection” paper is here for you during such a moment – with 31 reflection prompts to pause, reflect and act.


People world-wide walk meditative labyrinth walks to quiet their minds, encourage their creativity and lift mental blockades. Our labyrinth walk may not be walkable, but just as effective. What answer do you need right now?

18 Superpowers

The 18 Impactivation Superpowers at one glance. Print it out and put it up to be reminded of your leadership superpowers and all the different qualities of your impact!

Impact Scale - Test your impact

Get to know your current leadership superpowers and where to develop to create even more success and satisfaction for yourself, your team and your organisation.